We Are The #FeelGoodFamily

We are motivated to live our best lives possible and treat ourselves well in body, mind, and spirit...

We are being the change we wish to see, focusing first on feeling good, so we can do good!

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Our Mission: 10,000 Leading Lights Shining Bright!

Our goal is to serve the healthiest, happiest clients of any Hemp CBD company in the world.

If possible, we want you to overcome whatever ails you and continue taking this product simply because it’s a powerful supplement for wellness and vitality!

Our mission is to empower you to live your best life possible because we know that when you feel good, you do good!

Fighting Widespread Misinformation

We Stand By The Power of Hemp & CBD.

There’s so much out there that can confuse people in the Hemp CBD market, including misinformation about what makes a quality product or an effective dose of CBD.

On top of that, almost nobody is willing to admit that for every case, CBD alone is no magic bullet...

But with our community and proven self-help techniques to compliment the many benefits of your hemp CBD oil, we know we’ve given you everything you need to feel good, naturally, and live your best life!

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Meet Noah & Danielle Tyrrell

A Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer (Danielle) meets an Entrepreneur and Self-Help Coach (Noah) and what
happened next, nobody could have expected...

Noah & Danielle

Our Story

July 2018: Devastating Diagnosis...

In their first year of marriage, Noah & Danielle dropped everything and moved from Los Angeles to San Diego to help Noah’s father Elliott, who had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and given 3 months to live. They wanted to use their knowledge and skills to do whatever they could to help him.

November 2018: Astonishing Results…

Blowing everyone’s expectations away, using a combination of eastern and western approaches, including a hemp oil protocol, Noah & Danielle and family helped Elliott to completely reverse his diagnosis! In fact, within four months he was completely cancer-free. Not only that, he had completely reversed his type 2 diabetes. Months of hard work had truly paid off...

Click Here To Read The Full Story..

December 2018: Business Breakthrough…

Having become familiar with the benefits of hemp CBD oil during Elliott’s ordeal, Noah & Danielle decided to offer CBD as an upgrade during Danielle’s next sound healing experience.  Everyone loved it and at the end when they offered the remaining product to the group, they sold out of everything they had in minutes. The next morning the idea to start Feel Good Hemp woke them up out of bed like a bolt of lightning!

March 2019: But Then…

In an emerging industry full of old stereotypes and misinformation, Noah & Danielle struggled to gain traction.  Feel Good Hemp limped along without proper credit card processing for over five months – battling a slow to move banking system and not even able to sell products online!

After much difficulty though, the two realized how to leverage ALL their knowledge and skills, alongside their high-quality hemp CBD oil products, to create something truly valuable and first of its kind. 

September 2019: The #FeelGoodFamily Is Born

That’s when The Feel Good Family was born, along with clarity around this movement to bring Hemp CBD Oil and proven self-help techniques together to help people feel good and do good, naturally!


Like So Many Others…

Danielle and Noah have both overcome many obstacles in their life to be where they are today, happy, healthy, and living with purpose and passion.

This was NOT always the case!

They both struggled with substance abuse and perfectionism.

They both struggled to have healthy bodies, happy minds, and peaceful hearts...

And they both spent over a decade applying different self-help modalities to find what works, experimenting first with themselves, and later while serving clients.

“After seeing our client’s transformations, we know that everyone has the capacity to feel good and do good...

We’ve done the hard work to figure out how to achieve that and now we want to help you and give you the short cuts.”

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Our Founders

Danielle Kali Tyrrell

Co-Founder & Muse

After seeing the power of hemp CBD delivered to her clients at a healing sound bath, as well as what had happened with Noah’s Dad, she knew starting a holistic hemp products brand was needed. Danielle was the muse that started it all!

Noah Hammond Tyrrell

Co-Founder & CEO

After helping his father overcome his “death sentence”, Noah couldn’t help but build a unique company that offers the power of hemp CBD products with the tried & true personal development techniques and spiritual healing practices that were already helping his clients.

Chantalle O’Donnell

Co-Owner & Seed Investor

After dealing with the pain and effects of lupis for a number of years, “Chanty” knew first hand the usefulness of hemp CBD products. A friend of the Tyrrell family, she thought it was a great idea to start this company and believed in the vision enough to invest her money and energy to see it grow.

we belive that
Your Hemp cbd oil should be always
all-natural, with no chemical additivies.
ever. Every chemical has a cost and 
quality counts.

we belive that
hemp heals, cbd is no magic bullet, But a
powerful support to optimal wellness.
cannabinoids save lives. food and plants
are thy medicine.

we belive that
health is a habit and nobody is a lost
cause. True healing addresses body, mind,
and spirit
. the earth has given us
everything we need to prosper.

we belive that
loving service is the source of lasting
happiness. that a happy mind leads to a
happy body, happy life and happy planet.

we belive that
when you feel good,
you do good

The Feel Good Hemp Difference

We’re Not Your Ordinary Hemp CBD Products Company
Because We Give You Everything You Need To Feel Good, Naturally...


  • Top-Quality, Effective Dose, Straightforward CBD products
  • Full Spectrum Products Only
  • Self-Help and Self-Healing Techniques That Work
  • A Community Platform With Ongoing Coaching & Support



  • Low-dose CBD With Gimmicky Products (Like Gummies Or Soda)
  • Often Made With Cheap CBD Isolates
  • “Magic-Bullet” Claims
  • No Program, Community Or Ongoing Support

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