We Never Thought We'd Start This Company...

But after saving Noah's dad Elliott from a "death sentence" diagnosis... we knew we had to.

In 2018, the doctors gave him 3-months to live... with a tumor on his liver the size of a mini-football, but we refused to give up.

By combining hemp oil, juicing, and other holistic healing modalities...

We were able to completely reverse his diagnosis! He was "C" free in just 4-months and has been now for over 4 years!!

Co-Founders, Noah & Danielle Tyrrell

Noah & Danielle

Shortly after, we decided to offer doses of CBD oil at a sound healing event we were hosting and everyone loved it...

You could literally feel the increased peace & calm in the room.

The next morning we woke up and knew, we had to get this amazing oil out to more people!

And thus, Feel Good Hemp was born...

Our Mission:
To Make Holistic Wellness Simple & Affordable

Many companies take advantage of their clients, charging as much as double what we do for the same or worse quality products...

We know how helpful hemp CBD is for your wellness, and want you to be able to easily afford CBD as part of your lifestyle.

On top of that, we've combined over 20+ years of life coaching and holistic healing practices to create the Feel Good Library, a FREE platform full of self-healing tools and techniques for our clients to use alongside their CBD.

There is no other CBD company out there that gives as much value and free resources to their clients.

cbd oil

we belive that....
Your Hemp cbd oil should be always all-natural, with no chemical additives.
quality counts.

we belive that...
hemp heals. cbd is a powerful support to optimal wellness. food and plants are thy medicine.

we belive that...
health is a habit and nobody is a lost cause. True healing addresses body, mind and spirit. the earth has given us All we need to THRIVE.

we belive that......
loving service is the source of TRUE happiness. that a happy mind leads to a  happy body, happy life and happy planet.

And we know that
when you feel good, you do good!


Our Founders

danielle kali tyrrell

Danielle Kali Tyrrell

Co-Founder & Muse

After seeing the power of hemp CBD delivered to her clients at a healing sound bath, as well as what had happened with Noah’s Dad, she knew starting a holistic hemp products brand was needed. Danielle was the muse that started it all!

Noah Hammond Tyrrell

Co-Founder & CEO

After helping his father overcome his “death sentence”, Noah couldn’t help but build a unique company that offers the power of hemp CBD products with the tried & true personal development techniques and spiritual healing practices that were already helping his clients.


Chantalle O’Donnell

Angel Investor

After dealing with the pain and effects of lupis for a number of years, “Chanty” knew first hand the usefulness of hemp CBD products. A friend of the Tyrrells, she thought it was a great idea to start this company and believed in the vision enough to invest her money and energy to see it grow.

The Feel Good Hemp Difference

We’re Not Your Ordinary CBD Company Because We Give You Everything You Need To Feel Good Naturally...


  • Top-Quality, Effective Dose, Straightforward CBD products
  • Full Spectrum Products Only
  • Self-Help and Self-Healing Techniques That Work
  • A Community With Coaching & Support



  • Low-dose CBD With Gimmicky Products (Like Gummies Or Soda)
  • Often Made With Cheap CBD Isolates
  • “Magic-Bullet” Claims
  • No Community Or Coaching Support

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