Why Supplement with Hemp CBD Oil?

Because Everything Works Better With Cannabinoids.*

Human Endocannabinoid system

The Human Endocannabinoid System (HEcS) was only recently discovered in 1993.

Research shows that it is responsible for balancing and harmonizing every system in the body.

Receptor sites (CB1 & CB2) are throughout your body's systems.  When cannabinoids come into contact with these receptor sites, they help regulate the proper functioning of that system.

Your body makes its own cannabinoids (called Endocannabinoids), but scientists believe that many people are suffering from cannabinoid deficiency.

Due to a lack of cannabinoids in our diet, a stressful lifestyle, or aging (which slows the production of endocannabinoids), most people are simply not getting enough of this essential compound.

This is why supplementing with Phytocannabinoids (plant-based cannabinoids) from full-spectrum hemp CBD oil has shown so many positive effects.

A full-spectrum hemp extract is one of the most abundant, natural methods for adding more cannabinoids into the body and may be an essential component for optimal health.*

Why Is Hemp CBD Oil Useful For Self-Help?

Calm Body - Happy Mind - Good Life!

The amygdala is part of our emotional brain (subconscious mind) and is first to respond to fear, among other emotions.

It also helps us store memories of events and emotions so that we can recognize similar events in the future.

The amygdala is first in the chain of events we call our "fight or flight" response.  In today's world, we also call this being "triggered".

When "triggered", your body releases stress hormones.  The thinking brain (prefrontal cortex) becomes hyper-alert.  Pupils dilate.  Breathing accelerates.  Heart rate and blood pressure rise.  Blood flow to the muscles, hands, and feet increase.  Organs not vital for survival (like digestion), slow down.

Now the problem with this amazing survival technology, is that in today's world, it gets activated by things that are not real threats...

Someone disagreeing with you.  The boss barking demands.  A big bill to pay.  Even the thought of someone thinking bad about you...


All of these can "trigger" you deeply because of past conditioning and traumas stored in the amygdala.

Over time, a crippling feedback loop can occur where fearful associations stored in the amygdala trigger hyperactivity of the brain (or "high-beta" brainwaves), causing over-thinking.  Then your over-thinking mind sends more (often imagined) fearful data back to the amygdala and the cycle repeats.

All of this causes undue stress to the body, a low quality of life and a higher risk of disease.

When you introduce hemp CBD oil into the body, it can help to reduce the hyper-responsiveness caused by an over-active and charged amygdala.*

This can help you to come out of the constant "fight-or-flight" and "triggered" experience of life, so that meaningful progress in the direction of your goals, and the best version of yourself, can be made.

Simply stated, you can't be the best version of yourself when you're constantly in fight-or-flight.

You can't think clearly or calmly.

You can't process and retain information as well.

And you can't allow in new emotional experiences, because you're overwhelmed and eventually, shut down.

Being in the hyper-activity loop kills your progress...

But when you take the potentially calming and anti-inflammatory effects of hemp CBD oil into account (alongside other, proven self-help techniques), now you have a chance to create a new you and better life experience.

This is why we combine the power of hemp CBD oil with proven self-help techniques inside the Feel Good Family!

Our mission is to give you everything you need to feel good and do good.